Omar Valtierrez


Nomination by Julie Cadena:

When you typically think of an Asprey award recipient, you consider the work of an ICT employee who has completed a HUGE project or saved the university thousands of dollars due to implementing a newer, smarter, better way of doing things at ICT.  At Technology Support Services, we are not afforded as many opportunities to do projects and change paradigms due to our current funding model.  We are all about maintaining the status quo of the university by providing excellent customer service and getting faculty, staff, and students back in the saddle when they have been thrown off their horse(s).

I would like to acknowledge and recognize a person who has almost single handedly kept all of the ICT and NON-ICT labs running super efficiently, to the point that the computers in the labs run seamlessly and without any major problems.  I submit to you Omar Valtierrez, our sole Lab Technology Support Technician as the next candidate for the 4th Quarter Asprey award.  What used to take 3 humans and many students is now being done by Omar and 2 part-time students

Omar never complains, is often the quietest worker in the office and maintains his integrity of an honest, forthright person who truly cares about the labs and the lab experience.  He works for Technology Support Services but is often called on by many other departments around campus AND ICT for various reasons.  He is ready and willing to help these departments out to accomplish their goals using the labs that he keeps and sustains.   Omar always has a friendly and “can-do” attitude to assist where needed.  He will do “whatever it takes” to minimize the problem that his clients have created for themselves. 

On top of all this, Omar was asked last year to fill in at the College of Arts & Sciences when their full-time technician became too ill to return to NMSU.  Omar graciously accepted the responsibilities of that tech and has worked for that college using a quarter of his time.  He manages his time well and is passionate about the student experience in the labs as he himself is a student.  Omar is a great candidate for the 4th Quarter 2017 Asprey Award.

Congratulations Omar!