Michael Gilliland

Nomination by Susanne Berger:

Michael has been an incredible asset to the Business Office as well as to all the people he comes in touch with at ICT.

Some of his many responsibilities are PCard processing, Student HR processing, and assisting with travel reimbursements.

Michael is always on top of things and ready to help staff and students with any question.
He patiently pursues missing PCard receipts and goes out of his way to make sure that we follow procedures while working with staff members and helping them to take care of business.

Michael is also a trusted go-to contact for student HR questions and procedures. He processes the paperwork for all of ICT’s student employees, as well as all of the system entries.

Michael is always pleasant to work with, even when things get stressful. I have yet to see him lose his patience when things do not go as planned. He is always ready to take on new tasks and responsibilities. His responsibilities often include finishing tasks under time pressure, such as when we need to request purchase orders for urgent purchases. Whenever I observe interactions between him and others, be it students, fellow ICTers, members of the NMSU community, I always notice how friendly and helpful Michael is.

He works great with all other staff members at the Business Office as well as all other ICT departments.

In his time at the Business Office, he has learned a lot of new and very ICT-specific job knowledge and he is respected as a valuable resource for all things “Business Office”.
He has great problem-solving abilities and is extremely professional and positive in providing service, even when dealing with difficult situations such as an upset vendor or concerned/upset member of the NMSU community. His customer service skills are excellent.

I feel that Michael is deserving of the Asprey award.

Nomination by Araceli Hernandez:

I would like to nominate Michael Gilliland for the 3rd Quarter Asprey Award. Michael has been a great support for our department as well as many departments in ICT. He is the first touch point for many of us and I feel he is always exceptional in all of our dealings with him. I’m aware we are one of the departments that is constantly interacting with the Business Office through Michael. I feel confident that I can speak for my whole department and say he is always pleasant, patient, and also a reliable resource for our student employees who interact with him regularly with lots of questions.

I not only appreciate the work that Michael does, but I admire his approach and attitude to any situation he is confronted with. I feel recognizing people like Michael in these times is so important and I hope through this nomination you all will agree with me in voting for Michael as our 3rd Quarter Asprey Award.

Congratulations Michael!