Kit Marlow

Kit was instrumental in researching, designing, and architecting a new way of accessing Banner 9 applications through the new F5 load balancer, the new Oracle Web Tier servers, and the new Oracle Web Application Tier servers that two new Banner 9 software applications reside on.  She spent dozens of additional hours in the evenings and on weekends installing, configuring, patching, troubleshooting, and resolving each of these complex layers so they would work together seamlessly.  Kit also spent countless hours in the evenings and on weekends supporting the redesign and supporting the Single Sign-On initiatives and the integration and systems required to implement them, especially on short notice.  Kit also spent significant time on developing ways to support the Banner 9 Application tier for the first 2 production applications.  She continues to work on how to “product ionize” them and make them highly available and secure