Brandon Costales-Wise

Nomination by Curtis Ewing:

I’d like to nominate Brandon for his work on the Identity Management project.  The IDM project perfectly fit Brandon’s skillset – his existing knowledge of Windows, Active Directory, Office 365, and his budding interest in UNIX, Banner, and all things “How-does-this-information-in-Banner-make-it-to-the-Office-365-cloud?”

Accomplishments are many.  Brandon got involved in our Campus EAI solution, and helped migrate us (smoothly!) to the new version of QuickLaunch and Looking Glass.

Brandon is also the keystone for our Central Authentication System. Brandon has worked with a wide array of vendors, helping pave the way for cloud applications to be able to participate in our Single Sign-On (SSO) solution.  (ie: Authenticate using NMSU information)

Recently, Brandon completed the configuration of NMSU’s Shibboleth infrastructure.  This is yet another form of authentication technology that will make it even easier for NMSU to share resources with external entities, including other Universities.

All of this was done while maintaining his regular duties as a UNIX Systems Administrator, learning how to administer and configure TSM, and learning about our existing server automation systems.

I have found Brandon to be a man of nearly infinite patience and good will.  He is truly interested in improving the IT environment at NMSU, and is constantly working towards that goal.

Congratulations Brandon!