Russell Brown

Russell has a “can do” attitude and is always available to provide a helping hand.  He has been involved in multiple projects and has been an essential asset not only to ICT but to the entire NMSU community. Russell is always looking for efficiencies keeping sustainability in mind.  He works with many clients throughout the University and has developed a good rapport with everyone he deals with.

Most recently, Russell was involved in a complex project for affiliated students.  The objective was to provide an efficient mechanism to provide services to affiliated students.  This project focused primarily on Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine (BCOM) students and Center for English Learning Programs (CELP) students. In the past, providing services to affiliated students was a manual process.  The person in charge had to request an account be created for the students, go to a separate person to create an email, go to Auxiliary Services to create an ID and to add housing and meal services and other services needed.

Russell automated this process by creating affiliated tables, loading these students in Banner to create Banner General person ID’s, then loading this data to Blackboard to provide services such as housing and meal plans. These students were also loaded into Everbridge, our Emergency notification system.

To get this accomplished, Russell had to coordinate data loads/testing with BCOM to ensure data format was compatible for loading.  Admissions was involved in dealing with the suspended records.  Russell had to work with Auxiliary Services to ensure services were activated and inactivated at appropriate times per begin and end dates. He also had to work with PDS to load data into Everbridge for emergency notification.  In addition, roles had to be added in Banner so that students could create their own accounts.  For CELP students, an email would be created but for BCOM students account creation would occur but no email would be created. In addition, coordination had to be made with UAR for billing purposes. This was a complex process and Russell did an outstanding job in streamlining the process to improve efficiencies.

I would also like to mention that one of his peers nominated Russell for an Asprey Award in the past, as he is always willing to take on something new and to assist team members with any task. He has created conditions in Automic which divert certain expected aborts out of the backlog so that they will not hold up any jobs which need to follow. This prevents the need for UCC to clear the abort as well and is a serious time saver. In addition, Russell has been a leader in the File Upload Utility transformation. He has created around 18 profiles used to transfer/upload files directly to their proper directory by-passing uno_gw. Setting up these profiles saves the user a great deal of time and removes two transfers (one to uno-gw and then the transfer from uno-gw into the data directory from which the process reads the data file.) Russell is very customer oriented and focuses on continuous attention to technical excellence and good design. I would strongly recommend Russell for an Asprey award.  His strong desire to go beyond his role of duty allows us to provide a more stable and sustainable ERP environment.

Congratulations Russell!