Matt Henderson

When Matt Henderson was hired, we were preparing for Mike Thompson’s retirement.  Mike was responsible for our student web server and our personal (Student, Faculty & Staff) WordPress server.

The first few months that Matt was on board he spent learning Mike’s methods and soaking in the reasons and philosophies of service to our students.

Once Matt took the reins he started experimenting with ways of improving and simplifying the system.  We discovered that Matt had a calling for this angle of Systems Administration.  He became our liaison to ICT’s PDS group and the liaison to University Communications – regularly engaging with them about and our departmental WordPress mechanism, envisioned and built by Ian Logan.

Most recently, Matt Henderson picked up a deceptively difficult task.

To move all of the websites off of our old server (AKA  This is a project that had been in the works for easily 6 years.

Matt worked with many, many, people to guarantee his success.  He built new websites on alternate servers, he convinced some groups to move their own content elsewhere, he faced excuses, and he forged directly into the middle of some pretty interesting “territory” battles.  I witnessed a lot of these events first hand, and most people would have given up.

It’s that kind of “can do” attitude that I really respect.  I very much appreciate that Matt took the bigger task to heart and used every one of his considerable talents to accomplish the goal.

Congratulations Matt!