Fred Montoya

Message from the Systems group:
The list of good things I have to say about Fred is far too long, (Friendly, helpful, fun, motivated, organized, smart, competent, brave, …I have examples for each of those) but in particular, for this Asprey Award, I’d like to highlight how Fred has helped me with our inventory problem.

The Systems department is constantly decommissioning old hardware. As fast as new stuff arrives, old stuff leaves. In the last few years, a majority of our servers have become virtual machines. What that means is that more hardware is being decommissioned than is being bought. (More hardware leaving than arriving)

This has created a problem for me, in that disposing of old servers is not simple. Coordinating with the non-ICT server disposal system has resulted in closets filled with old junk, waiting their turn to be physically moved to the disposal group.

One day Fred walks in and solves the problem. Just like that. Suddenly there is a person in ICT that is doing the work of migrating old servers out from under desks, from inside closets, from still being in the rack but powered off (the worst of all situations) into the NMSU hardware disposal system.

All I’ve had to do is point and say clever things like, “that one can go… and so can that one… and that one…”.

I cannot express how grateful I am to Fred for everything, but in particular for this one small piece of what he does. It is a tremendous help.
It is not easy, but Fred makes it seem easy, and to me that’s a sign of a person that deserves recognition.

Message from a second group:
Fred took over a difficult position when WynnDee Wooten retired and has made great strides in collecting, organizing, and streamlining our property records system, our inventory system, PC purchase system, and integrating it with the new improved Pinnacle System. Impressive understanding of the bigger picture & integration.

Alan Lambeth: Fred is a great guy to work with, helps us all accomplish our jobs better. Team ICT, plays well with others, takes on jobs (food functions) & brings a great attitude and desire to get it done correctly. Love working with Fred..

Kevin Springler: Fred has greatly streamlined the PC purchasing process he inherited; he maintains a great relationship with his partners (those of us at Technology support), his customers, and the vendors he deals with. In addition, his inventory process has helped us keep track of NMSU assets and makes the annual inventory scan an easy process. His hard work helps all of us daily.

Julie Cadena: Fred is an absolute pleasure to work with. No matter what the request, his attitude of “I can do that” comes out of his mouth every time. I don’t necessarily see him on a daily basis, but the times that I have had to request information from him, he is right “on it” and works hard to get back to me in a timely manner . He is always about streamlining processes to make our jobs easier, more efficient, and overall good for the entire organization. Dianna may be his immediate supervisor, but technically he works for all of us at ICT…..and that “could” be a difficult task, but Fred welcomes the challenge each day. Please consider giving Fred Montoya an Asprey Award for 2016.

Congratulations Fred!