James Kelly

Jim Kelly is a former AT&T/Mountain Bell/US West/Qwest telecom tech who joined our team over 5 years ago.  He brought with him a wealth of experience that has been very helpful in the campus wide, Cisco phone upgrade.

Jim has worked tirelessly to get our most difficult buildings upgraded.  He has been instrumental in deploying the Phybridge PoLRE solution to allow Cisco phone deployments in buildings who¹s networks could not support Voice Over IP phones.  He has designed and installed cable solutions to support the new phones in Knox Hall, Gerald Thomas, and Regents Row Dorms.

Perhaps Jim’s most impressive skill is his ability to help customers adapt to the new equipment.  He has received many compliments (Happy Customer Awards) for his patience in training high-call-volume users.  Jim takes time to help each user feel comfortable with the new features of these phones, and follows up, even weeks later to ensure they stay satisfied with our service.  Jim always puts the customer first and gives ICT a good name where ever he goes.