Wynn Dee Wootten

Mr. David Rocks presents the Asprey Award to Wynn Dee Wootten

Mr. David Rocks presents the Asprey Award to Wynn Dee Wootten

Please join us in congratulating Wynn Dee Wootten as the recipient of the November 1999 Asprey Award. The award is funded by a generous donation from Bob and Jo Asprey and given monthly in recognition of C&N employees who have displayed outstanding service. Bob was an employee of C&N during the 1970’s and 1980’s and still understands the challenges our university gives us.

Wynn Dee Hyden started working for Computing and Networking on February 24, 1997 as a Record Technician I under the supervision of Carole Luke. Carole remembers many things about working with Wynn Dee but the one that stands out the most was how quickly she learned all the students names and how well she got along with them. Wynn Dee’s carried with her the ability to “get along” when she transferred to C&N Telecommunication Services in April of 1998 when she accepted a position of Records Technician II. When she arrived at Telecom she liked it so much she changed her name to Wynn Dee Wootten so no one could find her and make her leave. While at Telecom she has become so at home that some of the students have even begun to affectionately call her “Mama Wynn Dee”. Her responsibilities include assisting the university community with cellular service, paging service, calling card service and administrative billings.

As many of you know over the past year we have been implementing a new Telecommunications Management System which has been extremely challenging. Wynn Dee has never once complained regarding the magnitude of the project or of the amount of additional work it has brought. Wynn Dee, I can honestly say, viewed the new system as a challenge and is one of the major contributing factors of why the billing system is up and running!

C&N Telecommunication Services is very fortunate to have Wynn Dee as a part of our team!