Dave Rouse

Mr. David Rocks presents the Asprey Award to Dave Rouse

Mr. David Rocks presents the Asprey Award to Dave Rouse

Please join us in congratulating Dave Rouse as the recipient of the October 1999 Asprey Award. The award is funded by a generous donation from Bob and Jo Asprey and given monthly in recognition of C&N employees who have displayed outstanding service. Bob was an employee of C&N during the 1970’s and 1980’s and still understands the challenges our university gives us.

Dave started with C&N in the fall of 1996 as a student employee hired to write simple FOCUS programs. But because of the skills he demonstrated writing CGI scripts for some FOCUS web pages, within just a few months he was tapped for other work at C&N. He was suggested for an emergency hire as a Lotus Notes programmer in January, 1997. The problem was the Work Order system. The answer turned out to be Dave Rouse. As Dave learned Notes, he was able to straighten out the problems and calm the Work Order system seas.

In the past two years Dave has produced a number of Lotus Notes systems used in many offices around campus. Last year, he took on the task to finish the EAF system that Greg Schneider had begun and was instrumental in delivering the new system. Dave’s work is apparent in other areas as well: This year, for the first time, United Way pledges can be made via the web through a Lotus Notes application. Recently, Lotus sponsored a conference at Oklahoma State University, held in part to show off that school’s accomplishments with Notes. OSU has had Notes for seven years and has a staff of nine full-time programmers. After the conference, we asked for a tour of all their Notes applications. OSU’s work was interesting, but paled in comparison to Dave’s work. In fact, when he described his systems to the folks from Lotus, they were amazed that anyone is accomplishing the things with Notes that he does on a daily basis. We are lucky to have Dave working for us. He is indeed, a staff of nine, all rolled into one person!