Dale Whitfield

Dr. Michael Wolf presents the Asprey Award to Dale Whitfield

Dr. Michael Wolf presents the Asprey Award to Dale Whitfield

Please join us in congratulating Dale Whitfield as the recipient of the March 1998 Asprey Award. The award is funded by a generous donation from Bob and Jo Asprey and given monthly in recognition of C&N employees who have displayed outstanding service. Bob was an employee of C&N during the 1970’s and 1980’s and still understands the challenges our university gives us.

Dale came to work at C&N (then known as the Computer Center) as an engineer in November of 1984. When Dale arrived at C&N there was no NMSU network. He was instrumental in designing and installing the NMSU network. Dale helped pull 10Base5 (thicknet) cable which was the first campus network backbone. He has had to work in less than ideal conditions such as working in the tunnels and pulling fiber optic cable in 110 degree heat.

He has been especially invaluable in maintaining an institutional history of how the NMSU network has grown and is configured. He is able to troubleshoot the network in any of its configurations from thicknet, thinnet, to category 5 cable. He works closely with our clients in developing a networking environment which will make them successful. Dale has always shown the campus the best of C&N and we are lucky to have him a part of the team.